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Elite GRE Tutor in NYC & Online

Structured, Efficient, and Customized to YOU

Work with Erfun Geula, a professional GRE Tutor with over 15,000 hours of tutoring experience and a PERFECT GRE score

Meet Erfun

The Best GRE Tutor in NYC

  • Perfect 340 on the GRE
  • Sole author of McGraw Hill’s 600-page 2022 Guide to the GRE (over 80,000 copies sold)
  • Full-time NYC GRE tutor with over 15 years and 15,000 hours of tutoring experience
  • Honors Yale graduate
  • Dozens of students successfully admitted to MBA, PhD, and Master’s programs at Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, NYU, Wharton, etc.
  • Interviewed by US News for expert perspective on the GRE

Erfun got me to a 163 Q, 164 V. His structured, methodical, and logical approach toward the exam helped show me what the test is really about and the right way to study for it. Erfun’s expertise is obvious and indisputable (perfect score, over a decade of experience, etc.), but he’s also very organized, friendly, and empathetic. I think it’s rare to find this combination of traits in someone as smart as Erfun is. All told, he helped me improve my score by over 15 points! Thanks, Erfun!

– Emily W., Harvard Business School

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