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Mindfulness and the GRE

As an independent GRE tutor, I pride myself on finding unconventional means to boost scores when traditional, "big" test-prep strategies fail. Be it changing how I teach a concept, how I structure a lesson, or how I assign homework to my students, the goal is to do what's necessary to help you maximize your score, even if we end up deviating test preparation orthodoxy. One area in which I've placed particular emphasis over the past several years is the psychological ...


For many of my GRE students, manipulating and simplifying fractions is the bane of their GRE Quant preparation. Conceptually, fractions aren't too difficult, but once it's a matter of multiplying by reciprocals, rationalizing the denominator, taking fractions of fractions, and so on, many of my students struggling with the math tend to look like a deer-in-the-headlights. Though fractions are often unavoidable, there are strategies that can help simplify the process of dealing with them. One strategy concerns using integers when ...


A common type of word problem that gives many of my GRE students difficulty concerns age. Age questions are a sub-type of word problems and thus require the approach you should take toward all word problems: identify unknowns, assign variables, create algebraic relationships, and solve. However, you will need to keep a couple key facts in mind. Let’s look at an example: Bob is thirteen years older than Jack. In three years Bob will be twice as old as Jack. How ...

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