Using (and Misusing) GRE Practice Tests

Among the many myths that abound regarding optimal preparation for the GRE, one of the more common and, unfortunately, more harmful ones is that there exists a direct relationship between quantity of practice tests taken and score improvements. And, unfortunately, this myth is perpetuated by large GRE classes that will advertise 6 or 8 or 15 practice tests in conjunction with their course offerings. All too often, I’ll get a phone call or e-mail from a panicked student ...


Mindfulness and the GRE

As an independent GRE tutor, I pride myself on finding unconventional means to boost scores when traditional, "big" test-prep strategies fail. Be it changing how I teach a concept, how I structure a lesson, or how I assign homework to my students, the goal is to do what's necessary to help you maximize your score, even if we end up deviating test preparation orthodoxy. One area in which I've placed particular emphasis over the past several years is the psychological ...


The GRE is a Thinking Test

Many students prepare for the GRE with the same mindset that they’ve adopted toward tests throughout their academic lives. In college and high school, much of the preparation for an exam was often focused on memorizing rules and content and answering questions directly relevant to this content. Many test-takers assume that this same approach will apply to the GRE: do questions from certain topics, memorize the approach, and keep applying it ...

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