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Students looking for a GRE tutor are generally faced with two options: the anonymity of a large company, whose tutors generally have neither the motivation nor experience to help you succeed, and the wild west of independent tutors, many of whom seem to lack credibility and are simply pursuing tutoring to make a quick buck . By working with GRE Compass, you will get the best of both words: the flexibility of an independent, full-time tutor and the knowledge that you’re working with someone who has full mastery of the exam and knows what it takes to help you get there as well. Here are my credentials:

  • Perfect score on the GRE
  • Author of a comprehensive, 600-page GRE guide, McGraw-Hill’s 2022 Guide to the GRE, 8th Edition
  • Professional tutor with over 15 years of GRE tutoring experience

Because I have done this professionally for 15+ years, I bring a unique combination of expertise, professionalism, and flexibility that is hard to find in other tutors. The fact that I work independently also means that I’m not constrained by the materials and methodologies of any given test-preparation company. I am familiar with the different approaches that they espouse, I’ve seen what works, and I’m able to provide a unique cocktail of approaches suitable for clients of all ranges.

Since my focus is exclusively on one-on-one tutoring, I am also able to bring more insight than an instructor used to teaching large one-size-fits-all classes. Presumably, you’re looking for a private tutor because you want individualized attention and customization. But someone whose primary test preparation experience is from a large classroom setting will simply lack the know-how to identify what is giving you difficulty and what steps are necessary to help you achieve your target goal. The approach required for a student targeting the 75th-percentile is very different from that required for someone targeting the 90th-percentile, and it helps to work with someone experienced in helping students of all levels achieve their desired scores.

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