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I reached out to Erfun Geula after reading glowing reviews of his teaching abilities online – my expectations were not only met, but exceeded. Erfun worked with me for several months to prepare for the GRE, focusing primarily on the quantitative section. Having learned math in a foreign language, I had to start with the absolute most basic math properties and work my way up. Erfun broke out the content into digestible sections that we would review on a weekly basis and never wavered in his patience – if there was a concept I did not grasp, he would switch gears and attempt explaining it in a different way until I was ready to move on. I could have never thought of taking the GRE exam without Erfun’s help and my score reflects how valuable his lessons were to me. I would recommend Erfun’s tutoring in a heartbeat to anyone who is considering it.

— Sabrina P., Columbia University School of Business (contact information available)

As a student with learning disabilities, I recoil at the mere thought of the standardized testing process. So when the time came for me to begin preparing, I knew that I needed to find someone who was truly capable of meeting my individual needs. Erfun was just incredible: patient, dedicated, highly supportive, and encouraging. He helped me develop the tools for success and in the process, inspired a real confidence in my abilities. Simply, he just gets it, and for the value that he brings, he’s worth every penny.

–Rick B., Harvard University, Graduate School of Education (contact information available).

I came to Erfun, knowing that I would need an exceptionally high GRE score for admission to my programs. He proved to be exactly the tutor I needed. He was not only patient, professional, and thorough, but, more importantly, he took genuine interest in my success. He was responsive to all my e-mails and questions, and was sincere in helping me maximize my score. With his help, I was able to achieve my dream of going to Vet school!

Maddie L., 210-point improvement, Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine (contact information available).

Erfun was a tremendous tutor and truly made the GRE process easier and less intimidating. I have never been a math person, but Erfun was patient and encouraging, and my math score increased significantly. His test-taking tips and tricks for both the math and verbal sections were really helpful. I’m lucky I found Erfun, as he helped me get into my top choice program – earning my Master’s in Public Health at Columbia.

– Leah B., Columbia University, MPH.

I had a great experience with Erfun Geula over our 6 week session. He truly has a talent for teaching! His highly personable demeanor and flexibility in his teaching method was a refreshing way for me to get the best out of my sessions. Besides knowing the material very well, he was able to cater to my personal strengths and weaknesses, and it really helped improve my GRE score!

Margarit D., 310-point improvement, University of Chicago, M.A.

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